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Temporary bomb shelters for 100,000 residents of Kharkiv city

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Video about the project

Regretfully our city has been built with no regard for the actions of our northern neighbor. Therefore, the issue of a sufficient number of bomb shelters for the city with millions of residents is very urgent. So we started questioning how we can help at least 100,000 people to stay in safe places if we do not have the resources to build dedicated bomb shelters.

Building quickly new ones is not cheap. However we always can find something that already exists but used for other purposes. Namely, basements of high-rise buildings. There are not many basements in Kharkiv which can be used as makeshift bomb shelters. Whereas two-thirds of them are completely unequipped to accommodate people.

RELIVE - is a project aimed at equipping basements in high-rise buildings to be used as makeshift bomb shelters. We have launched this initiative together with the Youth Council of the city. Our ultimate goal is to equip a number of basements sufficient to safely accommodate 100,000 people.

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Relive by numbers


13 650

Accommodation places

2 900 000

Hryvnias spent

Basements rebuilt

The way we do it

Together with the Youth Council of Kharkiv City, we made a list of abandoned basements in the most dangerous areas of the city. We got together six construction teams. We designed processes and standards in compliance with requirements of the State Emergency Service. Afterwards we passed through all stages which enabled abandoned basements to be turned into premises safe to stay during shelling and bombing.

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garbage cleaning

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wiring installation

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ventilation installation

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anti fungal treatment

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makeshift beds installation

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sinks and toilets installation


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